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Flavored Markdown Guide #

Basic Markdown #

Comment Markdown Rendered
*italics* italics
**bold** bold
__underline__ underline
[link]( link
![image alt text](/favicon) image alt text
Image with sizing ![image alt text](/favicon):{15x15} image alt text
Supports headers 1-6 (header number is number of hashtags) # Header 1 Cannot render in table
You can create a fenced code block using 3 backticks instead of 1. `inline code` inline code
Lists cannot contain a break between lines. Only a single new line can be used to separate list items. - unordered list Cannot render in table
Lists cannot contain a break between lines. Only a single new line can be used to separate list items. 1. ordered list Cannot render in table

Entry also supports gfm (github flavored markdown).

Special Markdown #


all markdown is also supported within builder text components!

Highlight #

You can highlight text using two equal signs.

==highlighted== -> highlighted

Admonitions #

You can create admonitions using three exclamation marks, followed by the type. Entry currently supports the following types: note, warn/warning, danger/error, info

Admonitions can contain a title and text, or just a title.


Note with just title
Warn with just title
Danger with just title
Info with just title
Note with title...

...and text

Warn with title...

...and text

Danger with title...

...and text

Info with title...

...and text

Alignment #

You can align your text using arrows on each side.


1 2
-> align right ->  -> align center <- 

align center
align right
align center

You can also align using row flex. This can be done using an arrow with two heads.


1 2
->> align right ->>  ->> align center <<- 

align right
align center

animations don't work well using normal row alignment

use row flex alignment for use with animations

okay that's partially a lie, I suggest you read about CSS flex in the article here to better understand when you should use row flex.

Character Escapes #

All HTML character escapes can be used by prefixing them with &! instead of just &.


  • > >
  • < <
  • ! !
  • = =

Table of Contents #

A table of contents can be automatically generated by adding [TOC]. It is generated from the headings present in your paste.


  1. Flavored Markdown Guide
    1. Basic Markdown
    2. Special Markdown
      1. Highlight
      2. Admonitions
      3. Alignment
      4. Character Escapes
      5. Table of Contents
      6. Animations
      7. Themes
      8. Special Elements

Animations #

animations information


Entry supports themes. You can add a theme by typing <% theme {theme} %>

The currently supported options are:

  • dark
  • light
  • blue
  • purple
  • green
  • pink

You can also create your own themes using the hue, sat and lit elements.

For example, to use the "blue" theme you would put: <% theme blue %>

text contrast

if your text looks stupid (using a custom HSL theme), you can change the contrast by adding either the dark theme (for white text) or the light theme (for black text) to improve contrast!

You can also embed CSS styles into your pastes using an HTML <style> element.

You can color specific pieces of text using %color% text %%, like: yellow

Special Elements #

Special Elements Information